[HOWTO] Disable ticker on Front Line Vehicles

If you are seeing a timer on a status that is the end of the workflow, it is generally caused by the status not being marked as the final step in the workflow.

In the example below, Front Line is the end of the workflow but it is not marked as the final step, because of that, when the manager logs in, they will see a timer even for front line vehicles.

To fix this issue simply click on the Edit link on this grid which will take you to the page below

As you see above, the Front Line status is not marked as the final step of the workflow.
Simply click on the Final Step to make it "Yes" and click the "Save" button

You will now see "COMPLETED" on the dashboard for the Front Line status.

You could even track your SOLD time by leaving the status as a step and making SOLD as your final step.
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